Artist Statement

Nature has always been the root of my artistic exploration. Sourcing from nature I find an immediate correlation to the body.  The womb and themes of birth, growth and renewal are the foundation of my central language. An interest in medical aspects of the body led me to examine microscopic objects such as cell structures, and the vascular and nerve system, observing a direct connection to things in nature such as seed pods, leaves and tree branches. It is this mimicry I establish my imagery from.


My subject matter ranges from environmental awareness to reproductive health. Through the concept of “women’s work” I create art that is inspired by textile elements, such as pattern, repetition and quilting. By using delicate materials such as Japanese handmade paper, wax, and thread, I am able to express fragility of not only these themes but the fragility of how these issues connect to society and oneself. Movement and fluidity is a product of the materials and imagery which cultivate a sense of space that evokes an emotion response. 


By using the forest and the body as universal symbols, I create a setting where the viewer can go to reflect and find their own sanctuary. These two devices become a vehicle that creates a connection between the self and the outside world. In nature I find hope, and escape from a world full of despair and futility. The forest is the place I begin, and from there I reach out and discover the answers.